Every donation request is packed at the time you place it. We do not inventory or prepack your cannabis in advance simply because we want to protect the integrity, and purity, of your medication and to ensure you receive the freshest harvest available.

  • Minimum donation order is $50.
  • Place your delivery request ON-LINE - 24/7 at least one (1) day in advance for a next-day delivery.
  • Cut-off time for next-day delivery is 11:59 pm (midnight)
  • You can also place orders up to two (2) weeks in advance. Request your specific delivery date and time at the check-out calendar.
  • Note: special instructions, such as gate codes, watch out for the dog or anything else we need to know to make your delivery super easy and fast.
  • All donation transactions are C.O.D.  (cash on delivery).

Geographical Delivery Options

Our delivery radius is all of Metro Phoenix and all the surrounding areas. To make delivery fair and efficient for everyone the starting point for our drivers is calculated from Downtown / Central Phoenix.

  • Delivery is $7 per delivery going to a single delivery address within the Phoenix Metro area in an 10-mile radius.  (See below for deliveries outside the 10-mile radius)
  • At checkout pick your delivery time, giving us a few-hour window for delivery.
  • Mid-Morning to Mid-Afternoon Delivery (10 am -to- 1 pm / 1 pm -to- 4 pm)
  • Mid-Afternoon to Evening Delivery (4 pm -to- 7 pm / 7 pm -to- 10 pm)
  • You MUST be at the designated delivery address to accept delivery of your medications.

For Member Patients Outside The Phoenix Metro Area:

We'll still deliver your medications, however, if your delivery requires more than a 10-mile drive from central Phoenix, we ask for a .50 cent per mile donation for each mile driven beyond the 10 free miles, at check out the website will caculate the exact driving distance to your designated delivery address.