What's Satori?

Satori Caregivers is a non-profit, members-only club that delivers TOP-SHELF, award-winning, hand-crafted, medical-grade cannabis for its “Private Member Patients”. We are a group of experienced and compassionate medical cannabis experts and volunteers.

At Satori horticulture is a finely balanced craft of science and art. Our skilled cultivators adhere to the strictest botanical, scientific and industry growing standards. These world-class master growers work together in a collaborative and conscientious effort, bringing you the finest quality, medical-grade cannabis experience you’ll find anywhere in the world today. At Satori, superb quality will always supersede mass quantity.

Setting the standard - from seed to you.

Satori cannabis is responsibly grown, in small batches IN-DOORS-ONLY, in a fully climate-controlled environment using technologically advanced methods of AEROPONIC &  HYDROPONIC growing systems and methods. Our sterile, highly oxygenated, nutrient-enriched purified filtered water ensures superior plant growth and a minimal carbon footprint. This yields an aromatic, pungent,  pure, and potent cannabis flower with each and every harvest.

Why A Boutique - Scale Cultivation Is Paramount For Superb Quality Results.

  • Ensures a larger variety and choice of strains and remedies for patients
  • Allows for much more control over flower (bud) structure
  • Greater knowledge of a given strains terpenes (the aroma elements)
  • Greater knowledge of a given strains cannabinoid content (CBD, THC, etc.)
  • Highly personalized care for patients
  • Creates a culture of cannabis innovation

Note: All Satori cannabis is tested by a state-certified botanical laboratory, and all results are posted, so that you can make a truly educated decision for your specific therapeutic needs.

Our Mission

Satori’s mission is to give you, the patient, the highest quality medications, and the healing relief you need for a vast spectrum of medical conditions that will lead to a better quality of life.