Medical Marijuana Uses – The Ills We Treats

Here at Satori, we care about delivering the highest quality medicinal marijuana to help our Arizona ‘Private Member Patients’ treat their various symptoms. We say various because the number of different symptoms, illnesses, and disorders that medical marijuana, THC, or CBD can help treat is staggering. This time on the blog, we are focusing all about that, looking at some of the different conditions that medical marijuana can help to treat.

Medical marijuana uses marijuana leaf and oil

Medical Marijuana Uses


Nausea, the feeling of sickness, dizziness, or a suggestion or feeling of vomiting is one such condition medical marijuana has proven effective treatment for. Whether this is in relation to diseases or caused by chemotherapy, many patients report positive results from treating their nausea with cannabis. Depending on the nature of the method of use, the relief can come faster than other pharmaceutical options that have been traditionally used.


Pain, chronic pain specifically, is one of the most cited issues with which Arizonans seek treatment for. Chronic pain is of course a large umbrella term but regardless of specifics, cannabis has been seen and experienced by many as a useful treatment. Studies have shown that inhaling cannabis has a faster speed of relief than ingested orally, and that it is proven effective in the short term for certain kinds of pain relief.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an unfortunately all too common condition suffered by thousands, if not millions, of Americans across the country. As we better understand this disorder and the factors causing it, we have to approach the problem from a place of treatment as well. While the studies are still in their infancy, over two thousand Arizonans use medical marijuana to get relief from their PTSD symptoms.

These are just some of the real medical conditions that marijuana and its components can help treat, offering relief and solace in a natural way without the addition of pharmaceutical chemicals. You can find another helpful list of even more conditions over at WebMD .

The unfortunate truth in many cases is that, due to the United States laws and regulations in regards to marijuana, there are many studies that just don’t have the longevity, large enough sample sizes, or other key attributes to clear studies. We have doctor recognition, hypothesis and more, but until we see further research in the fields we have only begun to scratch the surface of what medical marijuana can help with!

So long as you are receiving relief, whether from nausea, chronic pain, or inflammation, medical marijuana is a proven treatment for you, and sometimes isn’t that enough? If you are looking to become a Satori ‘Private Member Patient,’ go here and fill out the forms to get the process started. Soon, should you qualify, we will be able to make fast, responsible deliveries of your medicine to the comfort of your home. No one should suffer to get their medicine, and that’s why we made Satori Care.